Billete del sorteo del “Miercolito”

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  1. My name is Furaha. I am a relative neecwmor to Panama; I’ve been here for about a hear and a half. I enjoyed the story very much; primarily because of the writer’s craft in telling the story. The painful theme reminded me of growing up in the States. As an African American, I witnessed many instances of this kind of abusive behavior from frustrated parents towards their children. Thank God, we had leaders, beginning with Frederick Douglass, Soujourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, through Malcolm X, Dr. King and Rosa Parks, to our new president, Barack Obama, who stood up for the truth and refused to remain in inhuman conditions. I can only hope that the committed Panamanians I’ve met who want to activate positive change for the Afro-Antillano community, will prevail. I enjoyed the story, and intend to stay tuned. Furaha

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